IGDI/IGDJ: Intramural Programs/Interscholastic Athletics

I: Instructional

Given the many benefits of organized physical activity in Vancouver schools, the athletics programs are considered an integral part of the education system.  The athletic program of Vancouver schools are designed to give students an opportunity to participate in team and individual activities on both an intramural and an inter-school basis.  Co-operation and team work, skill development, hard work and commitment, friendly competition, and fair play practices are the guiding principles of conduct. 

It is the policy of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) to seek to fund sports of boys, girls, and co-ed (groups determined by the sport governing body) equitably. 

The Board expects team coaches and sponsors to be cognizant of safety issues and take necessary precautions with respect to the particular activity. 

Elementary Schools 

It is a long-standing policy of the Board that each elementary school should have a playfield (grass field) of adequate (regulation) size to permit the playing of  team sports.  If this is not possible at a particular site, the Board shall seek to provide alternative playing space nearby.  Both intramural and extramural competition is endorsed at the elementary level through Grade 7. 

Interschool competition for team and individual sports and participation in dance performances are organized for all appropriate grade levels.  These activities are co-ordinated by a volunteer body of Board employees, the Vancouver Elementary Physical Activity Association.                                                                                                                                                         

Secondary Schools 

The Board endorses an Intramural and extramural programs at the secondary school level.  Teams compete locally and may proceed to play-offs involving other schools throughout the province.  Out-of-province play must be sanctioned by B.C. School Sports and must follow relevant Board policies on field trips.

Divisions in the school are determined primarily by age and are governed by regulations set by the Vancouver Secondary Schools Athletic Association and B.C. School Sports. 

It is the intent of the Board that interscholastic athletics adheres to high standards of ethical and educational values.  The Board also wishes to see opportunities to benefit from athletic competition extended to all students, not only to those who are outstanding athletes.  A constructive approach to physical activity should be encouraged, and intramural and interscholastic programs should be justifiable not only from an athletic but also from an educational standpoint. 

The annual publication of the Vancouver Secondary Schools Athletic Association is the primary reference for all rules and regulations pertaining to sanctioned secondary athletic activity in Vancouver, including a coaching code of conduct, eligibility, and disciplines. 

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IGAF: Physical Education (and regulations)
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Thursday December 16, 1976
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Oct 1982
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