IGE: Adult Education

I: Instruction

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) recognizes that the general objectives of post-secondary, adult, general interest, and community education are the same as those of other levels of public education:  preparing individuals for democratic, participatory citizenship; giving individuals the means to advance in their profession and improve their income; giving individuals cultural knowledge and enjoyment; and enriching the personal lives of all who participate.

For the purpose of funding, administrating, charging fees and similar considerations, certain distinctions must be made among the various types of programs for adults and your people over the age of 15 in the school district.

Under the School Act, the Board is empowered to provide school accommodation and tuition to persons over school age.  This accommodation and tuition shall be free of charge to persons enrolled in an elementary or secondary school.  A person over school age who is enrolled in any other type of program may, at the discretion of the Board, be required to pay a fee.

School boards in British Columbia generally have the responsibility for the following adult education programs:

  • courses for academic upgrading, secondary completion, and special areas of Adult Basic Education, such as basic literacy, English as a Second Language, citizenship training, and adult special education;
  • career, basic technical, and vocational education in program areas offered as part of the school curriculum or fields where the schools have unique resources;
  • programs dealing with community concerns (community education programs);
  • general interest education programs;
  • co-operative delivery of continuing education for professional associations and provincial institutions.

The Board, in accordance with the above and in keeping with the requirements of the School Act, provides and maintains day and night schools for persons over school age and shall seek to secure Ministry of Education funding for such programs, in accordance with policy statements issued from time to time by the Ministry.

All adult education programs or night programs shall first be approved by Board resolution and then be submitted to the Ministry for approval of the subjects to be taught.  The Board shall appoint a person to be responsible for the organization, development, and supervision of such programs and shall hire teachers who not only know the subject to be taught but have the ability to teach adults

DMT Responsibility:  D-CES

Cross References: 
DFEA: Free and Reduced-Price Admissions; IGBA: Programs for Handicapped Students; IGCA: Summer Schools
Adopted Date: 
Monday October 18, 1982
Revision Date: 
Oct 1991
Jan 1999