IGE-R: Adult Education Programs

I: Instructional

The following regulations shall apply to adult education and night programs. 

  • No person shall be enrolled in an adult education or night program who is also attending an elementary or secondary school, unless the principal gives his/her approval in writing. 
  • Adult education programs or night classes are subject to the same Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) policies and practices as other Board programs. 
  • The school year for adult classes shall be defined in the School Act for the public schools.  Adult classes may be held at any time during the year. 
  • A register of students shall be kept and regular reports made to the Ministry of Education as required.  Course outlines shall be kept on file and made available to the Ministry upon request. 
  • Advertising for the adult education and community education programs may be carried out through the use of the city daily and weekly press or by the use of specially published flyers or by use of a private advertising agency in conjunction with general advertising. 

DMT Responsibility: D-CES

Adopted Date: 
Wednesday October 30, 1991