IIAE-R-1: Hate Crimes and Propaganda

I: Instructional


Duty to Report Hate Propaganda

Employees who find hate propaganda in any form on school board property are required to report it immediately to the proper authority. 

In the case of graffiti found on school property, it should be reported to the principal and/or person responsible for the site where the graffiti is found.  The person to whom the graffiti is reported will immediately contact the associate superintendent - area, the Manager of Maintenance and Construction, and the City Police.  The principal or person responsible for the site will arrange for the school engineer or a maintenance and construction employee to have the graffiti photographed and documented.  The engineer will then remove the graffiti immediately or arrange for its removal by contacting a maintenance and construction employee. 

Leaflets and posters found on school property should be reported to the principal and/or person responsible for the site where the hate propaganda has been displayed, left, or discovered.  If at all possible, the material should not be touched.  Anyone required to handle such material should take precautions to ensure that evidence, such as fingerprints, is not destroyed before the material can be inspected by the City Police. 

The principal or person responsible for a school site, after being informed about a leaflet or poster, should immediately report the matter to the City Police who will assume responsibility for investigating the matter.  The associate superintendent - area must also be informed. 

Co-operating with the Investigation 

Employees who witness the distribution of hate propaganda or find it on a school site are required to fully co-operate with the investigating officers.  Of particular importance to the police in pursuing an investigation are descriptions of persons who have been seen distributing literature or writing graffiti, and/or the licence number and description of the vehicle(s) used to leave the site.

Employees should not attempt to confront or challenge anyone communicating hate propaganda.  If such an activity is underway on a school site, employees should call the emergency number 911 with details and then report it to the principal or person responsible for the site. 

If hate propaganda is left in the form of a message on a telephone answering machine, the message should not be erased.  The tape should be retained and handed over to the police. 

Reporting Hate Propaganda Incidents to the Associate Superintendent - Area 

A principal or person responsible for a school site is required to prepare a brief report on each incident involving hate propaganda and submit it to the associate superintendent - area  as soon as possible after the police have attended the scene. 

The report will include a description of the type of hate propaganda that was found, the procedures involved in handling the propaganda, and the actions taken by the police. 

DMT Responsibility: AS-DLS

Adopted Date: 
Tuesday February 12, 1991
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Feb 1996
Jan 1999
Jan 2005