IKAA: Final Examinations

I: Instructional

The School Act, Sec. 174(4) states: "The boards of examiners shall cause to be conducted examinations in the manner specified by the minister and shall report on them to the minister."  As part of the annual calendar bulletin of the Minister of Education, the dates of scholarship and other examinations are communicated to local school districts.  These dates are established annually and form a part of the official school calendar set by the Minister.                                                                                                                

Year-End Tests and Examinations 

The following policy was approved by the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) as an addendum to the District Student Assessment Policies filed in code IL: 

Each school will be responsible for identifying the need and establishing any schedule for year-end tests or examinations other than those designated as part of the District Student Assessment Plan. 

Because the need for information from year-end tests and examinations varies from course to course, grade to grade, and school to school, a uniform policy on year-end tests or examinations applying to all schools throughout the district is inappropriate.  The need for measures of year-end student achievement will vary according to the need for information.  Information for student promotion or assessing instructional effectiveness and curricular appropriateness may be available from other sources and may make year-end tests unnecessary. 

The purpose of year-end final tests or examinations is to measure student achievement in either the final portion of the year's work, a selected number of sections of the year's work, or all sections of the year's work.  Such measures of student achievement may be used: 

  • as information for decisions regarding promotion to the next level, grade or course,
  • as information for teachers regarding the effectiveness of instruction,
  • as information regarding the appropriateness of the program or curriculum. 

This information may be used by students, parents, teachers, and district curriculum and professional development support persons. 

Year-end or final tests and examinations, when given, should be considered and used as part of the classroom and school overall program for collecting information on student achievement. 

DMT Responsibility: AS-LS

Cross References: 
IL: Testing Program; ICA-R: School Calendar (for scheduling of sec. school exams)
Adopted Date: 
Thursday February 28, 1980
Revision Date: 
Jul 1996
Jan 1999