INIDB-R: Flag Displays

I: Instructional

Flying the Flag of Canada

  • The flag of Canada shall be hoisted daily before school goes into session and shall remain flying while school is in session.  It should not be left flying overnight.
  • It is the duty of the engineer-custodian or head custodian to hoist and take down the flag.
  • When schools are notified by the office of the Superintendent of Schools to fly the flag at half-mast, the flag should be flown one flag-depth below the top of the flagpole.

Protocol in Flying the Flag of Canada

(Excerpted from letter of Secretary of State, March 1965) 

There is a well-established practice that the national flag of a country should always have in its own country the place of honour.  The flag of Canada, when flown or displayed in Canada with another flag, is on the right of the second flag (on the left as faced by a spectator). 

When three flags are flown, the flag of Canada should be in the centre with the flag next in importance on the right (left as faced by a spectator), and the third flag on the left of the Canadian flag. 

If there are four flags in line, the flag of Canada would be in the senior position on the right (on the left as seen by a spectator).  The second, third and fourth flags would be in that order on the left of the flag of Canada (on the right as seen by a spectator). 

With respect to the United Nations flag, the regulations established under the United Nations Flag Code provides that: 

"The United Nations flag may be displayed alone or with one or more other flags to demonstrate support of the United Nations and to further its principles and purposes."

It has been the practice at Ottawa to reserve the use of the United Nations flag for special observances; i.e., United Nations Day (October 24) and visits of the Secretary-General of the United Nations or his/her representative. 

NOTEThe Engineer-Custodian's Handbook contains procedures for flying the flag of Canada and other flags and should be consulted by engineer-custodians responsible for hoisting and taking down flags. 

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Thursday November 01, 1973
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