The Facilities Division is comprised of three departments: Maintenance & Construction, Operations (Rentals), and Planning & Facilities.

Maintenance & Construction provides service to schools, which includes all matters related to building and grounds maintenance, alteration projects, preventive maintenance projects and working with building engineers for minor repairs and ongoing routine maintenance.

Operations staff are responsible for interior building management and maintenance. Duties at schools involve elements such as building security, heating, cleaning, indoor air quality, district facility rentals and leases , minor repairs, maintenance, and safety inspections.

Planning & Facilities is involved in the development, implementation and planning of capital projects including new school construction and seismic mitigation. They manage projects through to the completion of contract working drawings, tender issue, construction contract award and construction.

Facilities Division Contacts:    

Director of Facilities:    Jim Meschino 604-713-5285

Maintenance & Construction    (1549 Clark Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5L 3L4)

  • Emergency or General Inquiries: 604-713-5641 or email:   maintenance@vsb.bc.ca
  • Manager of Maintenance & Construction:  Doug McClary 604-713-5640
  • Assistant Manager of Maintenance & Construction: John Duong 604-713-5656
  • Grounds Maintenance    (5905 Wales Street, Vancouver, BC, V5R 3N5)
    • General inquiries  604-713-5661   Fax: 604-713-5668
    • Grounds Maintenance Supervisor: Jonn Epplette 604-713-5660

Operations      (1580 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6J 5K8)

  • General inquiries: 604-713-5089   Fax: 604-713-5077
  • Manager of Operations: Brian Bell 604-713-5081
  • Operations Supervisor: Gilbert Francisco 604-713-5082
  • Operations Supervisor: John Farias 604-713-5330
  • Operations Supervisor: Oscar Miflores 604-713-5083

Rentals and Leases    (1580 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6J 5K8)

  • General inquiries: 604-713-5088   Fax: 604-713-5077
  • Rentals & Leases Supervisor: Tara Hamer-Hayley 604-713-5191 

Planning and Facilities (1580 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6J 5K8)

  • General inquiries:  planning@vsb.bc.ca , Phone: 604-713-5256,  Fax: 604-713-5077
  • Manager of Planning : Jim de Hoop 604-713-5193
  • Facilities Planner: Anne Lee 604-713-5744
  • Acting District Principal - Field Services: Kathy O'Sullivan 604-713-4453