Full Day Kindergarten - Capital Projects

FDK Capital Projects Update - January 2011

Teacher and StudentsThe first stage of FDK implementation began in September 2010 and involved FDK programs already operating in the Vancouver school district. In the second stage, new FDK classrooms must be provided by September 2011 as all children will be eligible for FDK at that time. Three types of capital projects will provide the new FDK classrooms required: classroom conversions, modular buildings and school building additions.

Single-classroom additions will be built at False Creek and Trafalgar, and a four-classroom addition
(two of which are designated FDK) at Elsie Roy.

Single-classroom modular buildings will be placed at Carnarvon, Carr, Cavell, Douglas Annex, and Tennyson. At L’Ecole Bilingue, an existing portable will be provided instead of a modular building due to the upcoming seismic project. The installation of modular buildings will occur spring/summer 2011.

Full Day Kindergarten Annouced - March 2010

Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK) will be available to 2,120 students in Vancouver starting September 2010, and will be expanded to all Kindergarten-aged students in 2011-12. Sixty per cent of Vancouver students will have access to FDK in the first year of implementation. For more information see the link VBE News Article.