Get involved

Here are some ways to get involved with your school community.

Opportunities for Parents and Community Members

Volunteer at a school

  • Contact your school's office for ways that you can volunteer to help. If you have special interests or expertise you'd like to share with your child's class or school - for example gardening - let your school's administration know.

Be a volunteer language interpreter

  • We need parents or others who can speak and read in English and another language, and who are interested in acting as volunteer interpreters for parent-teacher conferences and other events.  Find out more about the volunteer program located at District Reception Placement Centre located at Moberly Elementary, 1000 East 59th Ave.  Find us on Facebook.

Be a Mentor

  • The Making Contact, Mentorship program matches elementary school students (grades 4-7, ages 9-13) throughout the Vancouver School District with volunteer mentors to complete a project in an area of mutual interest. This one-on-one mentoring can inspire career choices and life-long interests.

Opportunities for Students

  • Become better informed about what your City government is doing by getting involved with the City of Vancouver Youth Outreach Team, and let the City know what you think! Take advantage of your opportunity to telephone Council members, send letters or e-mails, or speak at City Council meetings. Watch Council meetings on your computer, at your convenience. Get involved in all kinds of forums, events and meetings. And have your say in municipal election years - vote!