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Garden at Grandview

Over two thirds of VSB schools currently have a school garden. This is part of a larger trend of people growing food in cities and making connections between what we eat and where it comes from, food security and climate change.

Some schools start gardens to grow food and others use them as a way to help green a school. The VSB has developed a garden policy and process to help schools that want to start a garden or set up a composter.

The VSB helped to start the Vancouver Schools Food Network  which organizes food related pro-d opportunities for VSB schools.  

The VSB was part of a 5 year project with UBC called Think&EatGreen@School. The project looked at all aspects of school food systems including the growing of food, the food that we purchase, school nutrition, school garden design, making curriculum connections and much more. The project website has resources for teachers and policy makers. We encourage you to visit their website to see what resources are available on school gardens.

Gardens and Food links

VSB Garden How to Guide outlines the steps to starting a garden at your school.

Think&EatGreen@School provides resources for staff and students on making school garden connections.

The following organizations all do garden/food related work in VSB schools. Click their links for further information:

Grandview Woodlands Food Project is working with Britannia Secondary on its garden projects.    

Environmental Youth Alliance has garden based school resources and programs. 

Fresh Roots operates schoolyard farms at David Thompson and Van Tech Secondary schools.

SPEC has just published a great garden curriculum package called “Green Thumbs at School: SPEC Food Garden Lesson Book”.

Project Chef teaches students from K to 12 about healthy food. 

Growing Chefs runs a classroom gardening and cooking program in elementary schools.

Farm to School BC is a network of program and pro-d opportunities to foster food literacy (check out their upcoming events).