BC Hydro and VSB revisit proposal to use Lord Roberts Annex land for new substation

BC Hydro has approached VSB to revisit their proposal to build a new underground substation at the Lord Roberts Annex property in the West End.  

If approved, BC Hydro would acquire the rights to build a new substation underground at the Lord Roberts Annex property at a fair market price. This would provide VSB with funding to build a new Coal Harbour School sooner than expected and would allow for construction of a new elementary school at the Lord Roberts Annex site after the substation is complete. This would help address VSB enrolment pressure in the downtown area at the end of the next decade. 

The Vancouver Board of Education has not made a decision about this proposal. In May, BC Hydro will hold open houses, small group meetings and online consultations with the West End to discuss their proposal. In addition, VSB will hold engagement sessions with parents and stakeholder groups in May. Following consultation, the Vancouver Board of Education will make a decision on this proposal at a public board meeting in June. 

VSB meetings for parents on BC Hydro's proposal:

At Lord Roberts Annex  – May 23 7-8:30 pm (view poster)

At Lord Roberts Elementary –  May 30 6:30-8 pm (view poster)

“The West End needs additional school spaces for the growing community of families there, so we are interested in exploring this proposal to see if it could provide a worthwhile and safe solution,” says Janet Fraser, Chair of the Vancouver Board of Education. “We look forward to hearing the input from our stakeholders and parents about this proposal to help us make a decision that could meet the needs of the school district while meeting the needs of BC Hydro.” 

VSB encourages parents, staff and others in the Lord Roberts Annex and Lord Roberts Elementary school communities to take part in consultations to become better informed and provide their input. 

View VSB's timeline for consultations and decision on the Hydro proposal.

View the news release from VSB and BC Hydro announcing the 2018 proposal 

Some background from the 2017 proposal to VSB from BC Hydro: 

  • View the report of March 24, 2017 to VSB’s Planning and Facilities Committee (Committee II) on the BC Hydro SEED proposal
  • View a letter from Dr. Patricia Daly, vice-president, public health and chief medical health officer, Vancouver Coastal Health