MacCorkindale Elementary - Creation of a Learning Community

The collaborative team of staff and principal were interested in the conceptof converting the open area classroom to a more modern educational space. The renovation creates a VBE example of a Learning Community which builds on design work underway for current and future seismic project schools at Kitchener, Douglas, Acadia Road and the NLC schools (Queen Mary, General Gordon, and Lord Strathcona).

The project was selected because there was room in the school to accommodate the existing classes without significant disruption or cost. The MacCorkindale learning space exemplifies design ideas presented to district stakeholders by Randall Fielding and Prakash Nair in their February 2010 Design for Learning in the Creative Age: Education & Facilities Best Practive Planning Workshops.

The renovation creates a Learning Community with a new balance between instructional and social spaces. Highlighted features includes:

  • Shared learning commons;
  • Professional room for teachers and other staff;
  • Differentiated learning studios including a Da Vinci studio for Art, Science & Invention projects;
  • Small group area / quiet room;
  • Improved indoor/outdoor connections to light and views;
  • A courtyard space;
  • Updated technology and furniture designs;
  • Updated student storage and home-base rooms.

March 2011

The renovations have been completed.

Da Vinci Studio - Art & Science Area Gargage Doors Connecting Learning Studio to CommonsCommons Area

  • Click here to see the part of the school that has been renovated.
  • Click here to see the new floor plan design for the renovated area.
  • Click here to see an example of the new furniture designs for the learning commons area.
  • Click here for a story about the MacCorkindale renovation