Gifted/Enrichment Education
Student Group:
K-7 Students

About volunteering

Mentorship is a powerful coming together of people
from diverse parts of the community.  

The Making Contact, Mentorship program matches elementary school students (grades 4-7, ages 9-13) throughout the Vancouver School District with volunteer mentors to complete a project in an area of mutual passion.

It is a hands-on, person to person experience which meet the student's needs and goals that can't be met in the classroom.

If you have a special talent or interest that could be shared with an elementary school student with talent and potential, you are invited to become a mentor.

Please contact Teresa Milden ( for additional information.

Please be aware that all mentors are required to attend an orientation session, apply online to volunteer and have a Criminal Record Check. Information for the Criminal Record Check will be given at the orientation session.

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Kelly and Max\

Kelly and Max share a passion for Geography.