Plans and Reports


Check below for district plans, reports, and financial information information for all school sites and district facilities and staff. You'll also find information on how to make a research application.

District Plans and Reports

Superintendent's Report on Achievement

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

VSB District Plan

Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement


VBE Enhanced Services Updates (formerly Inner City Project)


VSB Annual Literacy Plan


It's All about Learning Report

Class Size Report

District MDI Grade 7 Report

School Fees Schedules

VBE Guidelines for adults interacting with students

The Vancouver Board of Education is committed to creating a safe and respectful learning environment for students. The purpose of these Guidelines is to clarify and affirm the Vancouver Board of Education’s expectations of all adults in interactions with students of the Vancouver school district. For the purpose of this document, “adult” refers to any person working, volunteering or otherwise interacting with students on school grounds or at school activities.

It is expressly recognized that all employee groups are subject to collective agreements, terms and conditions of employment, professional and/or union codes as well as legislation. For example, teachers are regulated by the School Act, their Collective Agreement, the BC College of Teachers’ Professional Standards and the BC Teachers’ Federation Code of Ethics. These Guidelines do not supersede nor replace such codes/documents and statutory requirements, but rather provide a set of common expectations for adult-student interactions applicable to all employee groups and other adults (i.e. parents and volunteers) who interact and engage with Vancouver school district students.

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