District Fine and Performing Arts

"The Arts are the Soul of Education"

Gladstone Dance

The district supports a wide range of activities, program options, and partnerships in arts and culture to meet student interests and needs, and to enhance student learning.  Fine and performing arts programming occurs at both the curricular and extra-curricular levels. School based curricular programs vary and it is best to connect with each school directly to obtain more information about what is offered.

At a district level there are a number of events scheduled throughout the year in the areas of music, dance, drama, and visual arts. Music festivals occur annually for band, strings, and choral programs at both the elementary and secondary levels.  These events involve multiple schools and often hundreds of students. Though Vancouver supports a non-competitive philosophy, music events are adjudicated with the goal of helping students improve their skills.

Every year the district also collaborates and partners with community arts organizations to create enriched experiences for students. Such partnerships occur with the UBC Chan Center, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Opera, local art galleries, and Vancouver Biennale to name a few.