Early Mandarin Bilingual

Mandarin Bilingual
Student Group:
K-7 Students

Parents of Kindergarten-aged students who are interested in the new Early Bilingual Mandarin program starting in September need to first register at their catchment school. Please view our Kindergarten registration procedures.

The Early Mandarin Program is located in Norquay Elementary School.  The program is a language instruction program where children learn the language and study in the language for part of the day.  The day is structured to allow 50% of time to be in Mandarin: Mandarin Language Arts, Music, Mathematics, Physical Education, and Career and Personal Planning.  The goal of the program is to have students leave at the end of grade 12 with proficiency to a level where they could continue to study Mandarin language at university.  The program is intended for children who have fluency in English. 

Early Mandarin Bilingual application - Kindergarten 

Please register at your English catchment school for Kindergarten then apply for the program online starting January 12 and ending February 4.

The Vancouver School Board has revised the Kindergarten application and registration procedures surrounding Kindergarten. The VSB website has complete information at http://www.vsb.bc.ca/kindergarten

The application process for the Kindergarten Early Mandarin Bilingual will be online beginning January 10. To apply, you will need your child’s Personal Education Number (PEN) which you will receive in early January IF you have registered for kindergarten at your English catchment school.  A random computer draw will determine the successful applicants.

Applicants will be notified as to placement in early February. All students are required to participate in an English Language Proficiency assessment, as this program is for children who have fluency in English. The assessment occurs in February prior to confirmation of placement.

Early Mandarin Bilingual is a District Program and there are no catchment areas for this program.

For children who would like to enter the program in Grade 1 or Grade 4, download the Application Form