Hamber Challenge Programs

Mini Schools
Student Group:
Secondary Students

The Hamber Challenge Programs Offer Students Two Different Pathways to Excellence


Designed to specifically address the needs of two distinct groups of students who fall under the larger umbrella of giftedness.

The Ham­ber Challenge Program, available in English, social studies, science and/or math, is ideal for students who are academically accom­plished and motivated to work rapidly and at depth in a traditional classroom setting.

The Hamber Studio for Gifted Students is the perfect setting for gifted students who find a traditional classroom confining and crave the freedom to influence the content and pace of their own learning and to nurture their creativ­ity and passions.

Please note that we welcome students of high ability in mathematics to continue to apply to Hamber regarding appropriate placement for acceleration. 

Location: Eric Hamber Secondary

Grade: 8-12

District Test required: Yes