Late French Immersion: Gr 6-7

French Language
Student Group:
K-7 Students

The Vancouver School Board late French Immersion program accepts 10 and 11 year olds who have successfully completed Grade 5. 

Information Night will be held at:

  • Laura Secord -  January 12th 7PM
  • Gordon Elementary - January 13th 7PM - held at Queen Elizabeth Auditorium

The Vancouver School Board late French Immersion program accepts 10 and 11 year olds who have successfully completed Grade 5.

  • in Grade 6, 100% of the BC curriculum is taught in French (emphasis is on oral French).
  • English Language Arts are re-introduced in Grade 7, while other subjects continue to be taught in French.
  • in Grades 8-12, the percentage of instruction in French is as described for Early French Immersion students, above.

French Immersion is a program that can offer your child:

  • A fun, effective and challenging way to learn French at an early age
  • The opportunity to learn the same curriculum as the regular English program, in French
  • An opportunity to participate in rich French cultural learning experiences
  • A bilingual future

Early and Late French immersion are programs intended for non-French speaking students who wish to develop a high level of proficiency in both official languages. Students enrolled in French immersion study the same BC curriculum as students in the English-language program. The major distinction between the English-language program and French Immersion is that the language of instruction and communication in the immersion component is French.

Although research has demonstrated that French Immersion is an educational model with universal application, many parents have questions which they need to have answered before enrolling their children into the program.

Elementary late French immersion is offered at

  • General Gordon Elementary (Grade 6-7)
  • Laura Secord Elementary (Grade 6-7)

Students in Grade 5 may apply for admission to Grade 6 Late French Immersion. Applicants are to register directly at their in-catchment Late French Immersion school (General Gordon or Laure Secord) within the registration period of November 1 to January 31. In addition, a copy of the most recent Grade 5 report card and a statement of commitment from the student must be attached.  

Please note that due to the nature and pace of the program, students will not be admitted to the Late French Immersion program after the second week of instruction.

Download the Late French Immersion Program Application form.

Please refer here for detailed regtistration information and dates.