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Important update on school closure process

Dec. 14, 2010 -- Vancouver Board of Education Trustees have decided to not consider further the potential closure of five elementary schools planned for June 30, 2011.

At the open board meeting of Dec. 14, 2010, trustees adopted a dozen motions stemming from the Administrative Report of the Public Consultation on School Closures and Recommendations to the Board of Education.

The full set of motions include: 

1) That the Vancouver Board of Education not proceed with further closure discussions with respect to the five schools under consideration of potential closure planned for June 30, 2011.
2) That the Vancouver Board of Education place a moratorium on proceeding with any school closure process until March 1, 2012.
3) That the Vancouver Board of Education direct staff to immediately initiate a process to develop a comprehensive plan for sectoral reviews across the school district. Such sectoral reviews shall be based on protecting or improving the quality of education as a primary motivation. This draft plan of action should be brought to the February Committee II/III meeting.

4) That the Vancouver Board of Education convene a meeting with the City of Vancouver and other agencies to develop strategic public partnerships to broaden the community and school use of district facilities.
5) That the Vancouver Board of Education direct staff to determine the feasibility of offering child care spaces within Vancouver schools at no cost to the provider.
6) That the Vancouver Board of Education direct staff to work with the Carleton community to create a Neighbourhood Learning Centre.
7) That the Vancouver Board of Education direct staff to work with the Queen Alexandra school community to strengthen and further develop a project-based multi-cultural Fine Arts focus at the school.
8) That the Vancouver Board of Education direct staff to work with the community, and in reference to the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement, to explore a strategic direction for Macdonald Elementary School.
9) That the Vancouver Board of Education seek a meeting with key Ministry of Education staff to explore further possibilities for Neighbourhood Learning Centres, and the establishment of an agreement to form a Capital Assets Project Management Office within the Vancouver School District to facilitate rapid and coordinated action on approved projects, seismic upgrades and new capital projects.

10) That the Vancouver Board of Education develop a long-term school strategy in order to encourage neighbourhood attendance at local schools.  The strategy will be developed in consultation with school communities.
11) That in developing this strategy that the VSB investigate the possible roles of independent schools, demographic shifts, catchment boundary changes, school choice, the placement of District (magnet) programs, and systemic discrimination (such as racism) in the variation in enrolment between schools.

12) That the Vancouver Board of Education send the "Administrative Report: Public Consultation on School Closures" with accompanying letter emphasizing the specific concerns (i.e. provincial funding shortfall, neighbourhood schools should be the hub of the community and support for Aboriginal and vulnerable students) we heard from the parents and school communities to the Minister of Education, candidates for the leader of the Opposition Party, Opposition Education critic, Liberal leadership candidates and all Vancouver area MLAs. Further, that the VBE invite them to provide a reaction to the parent and community concerns.

Dec. 5, 2010 -- The Administrative Report of the Public Consultation on School Closures and Recommendations to the Board of Education has been released and will be formally presented to trustees at a joint meeting of Committees II/III on Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010 at 7 p.m. in the Boardroom, Education Centre, 1580 West Broadway.

In related information, the Vancouver Board of Education commissioned Ipsos Reid to conduct a public opinion survey on the topic of school closures. Read the full survey report.


Public consultation for the five schools being considered for closure was scheduled between
October 25 and Nov 9, 2010

The public can send an email to the Board at: by Nov 24, 2010.

These five schools will take part in the public consultation meetings

Read here for information on the format for the public consultation meetings

The five schools listed above are being considered for closure effective June 30, 2011.

Powerpoint presentations from public meetings are posted at the top of the school pages.
Meeting notes with summary of presentations by the public are posted at top of the school pages.
Oct 29 Letter from VSB Chairperson to parents regarding meetings taking place Nov 2-9 (translated)
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Please refer to school pages (see menu at right) for agendas, meeting notes, storyboards, and powerpoint presentations

Meeting agendas Nov 1-9: Nov 1 Queen Alexandra Elem agenda; Nov 2 Carleton Elementary agenda; Nov 3 Champlain Heights Annex agenda; Nov 4 Macdonald Elementary; Nov 8 McBride Annex agenda ; Nov 9 Queen Alexandra Elementary agenda

Meeting agendas Oct 25-Oct 28: Oct 25 Carleton Elementary agenda; Oct 26 Champlain Heights Annex agenda; Oct 27 Macdonald Elementary agenda, Oct 28 McBride Annex agenda
On Oct. 5, 2010, the Vancouver Board of Education directed staff to initiate a public consultation process based on the recommendations contained within the staff-prepared Administrative Report: Schools Considered for Possible Closure.

The 144-page report provides detailed information and analysis of the enrolment trends, school space utilization, current school programming, facility and site information, operational issues and financial impact for each school that received pre-notification of potential consideration for closure in June 2010.

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Important dates:

  • Afternoon of Friday, December 3 - Summary report to be placed on website.  
  • 5:30 pm, Tuesday, December 7 - Summary report to be formally presented to Committee II/III Meeting in Board room.  
  • 7:00 pm Tuesday, December 14 - Special Board meeting/Board decision.

Public Information meetings storyboards
These storyboards, available to view at the public information meetings, contain information about each school

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By Email: Send an email to the Board at:

Fill out a comment form: Comment forms will be distributed during the public consultation meetings. Completed  comment forms can be returned to your school's office prior to the close of feedback on Nov 24, 2010.