Supporting our Students with Diverse Learning Needs

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The Vancouver Board of Education is dedicated to the promotion of inclusion, which includes equitable and meaningful educational experiences for all students. The District offers a continuum of support for students, ranging from inclusive classroom settings to smaller self-contained classrooms. The Student Support team works collaboratively with school teams, parents and community partners to create engaging learning communities where all students can be successful.

For more information visit our Student Support website.

Student Support Services

The Vancouver Board of Education has a wide-range of school based teachers and professionals who work with our students to ensure that their diverse learning needs are met. Visit our student support website for more information

Student Support Programs

Programs include: Learning Support Programs​, Behaviour Support Programs, Low Incidence Programs and Gifted Programs.​ Visit our student support website for more information 

Alternative Programs

Alternative Resource Programs provide an environment that includes additional support for students.  Teachers use a variety of instructional methods designed to meet the academic needs of students.  In addition the program staff is dedicated to working individually and in groups to address the social, emotional, behavioural and mental health needs of students. Visit our student support website for more Information

Provincial Resource Programs

Provincial Resource Programs (PRPs) are established by Order of the Minister and are funded by the Ministry of Education. These programs are operated by host school districts. Inter-ministerial protocol agreements establish Ministry of Education obligation to provide education programs for students congregated in day or residential programs who are not able to attend regular school programs in the community. Visit our student support website for more information


Transitions are a complex and ongoing process that involves many stages and phases of change and development throughout a person’s life.  While this process is complicated at best for any person, individuals with special needs face unique challenges that require specialized considerations. Visit our student support website for more information