VSB2021 Strategic Plan Overview

The Strategic Plan was developed in consultation with our partners including students, families, staff and stakeholders. It sets out a clear and shared vision for the future of public education in the Vancouver School District. 

Our Vision

We inspire student success by providing an innovative, caring and responsive learning environment.

Guiding Principles

We value strong relationships and open communication to promote the sharing of ideas and practice.

We encourage and support the use of creative and innovative practices.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We value and celebrate diversity by supporting the well-being of every individual, creating a sense of belonging.

We are open, honest and accountable.


Goal 1:
Engage our learners through innovative teaching and learning practices.

  • Provide increased opportunities to connect students to their learning
  • Enhance support for students with specific needs
  • Ensure Aboriginal students achieve increased academic success in Vancouver schools and participate fully and successfully from kindergarten through completion of Grade 12
  • Support the implementation of the curriculum
  • Enhance assessment and reporting strategies to support teaching and learning

Goal 2:
Build capacity in our community through strengthening collective leadership.

  • Support professional networking opportunities and collaborative practices for our staff
  • Support professional development, in-service and training opportunities  for staff in the implementation of the curriculum
  • Enhance and support opportunities for student voice
  • Enhance and support opportunities for parent engagement
  • Encourage and appreciate the contributions made by our students, families, employee groups and community partners

Goal 3:
Create a culture of care and shared social responsibility.

  • Encourage and enhance practices that support cultural, social-emotional, physical and mental well-being
  • Support effective, thoughtful transitions for all students at each stage of their development
  • Increase Aboriginal students’ sense of pride, self-esteem, belonging, place, acceptance and caring in their schools
  • Increase knowledge, awareness, appreciation of and respect for Aboriginal histories, traditions, cultures and contributions by all students through eliminating institutional, cultural and individual racism within the Vancouver school district’s learning communities
  • Respect and celebrate all forms of diversity
  • Support collaborative relationships with community partners that enhance student learning and well-being

Goal 4:
Provide effective leadership, governance and stewardship.

  • Develop and implement a long term financial planning model
  • Implement the recommendations of the Long Range Facilities Plan
  • Advocate for public education
  • Effectively use school district resources and facilities
  • Support effective communication, engagement and community partnerships
  • Develop a Sustainability Action Plan enabling the school district to be the greenest school district in North America