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Getting vaccinated is the most effective way to reduce infections and transmission of coronavirus. As public health experts have explained, every single person who receives a vaccine helps to keep all of us safer. The District encourages eligible staff and students to get your first and/or second dose of the vaccine as we work together toward a return to normal.

Youth 12-17 Vaccination Information:

BCCDC - Information on COVID-19 vaccination for ages 5-17 - Jan 18, 2022

VCH-letter: First dose of COVID-19 vaccine available for youth aged 12–17 - May 20, 2021

Staff Vaccination Information:

VCH Letter: Vaccine Information to School Districts - Apr 16, 2021

BCCDC COVID-19 School Sector Update - Apr 15, 2021

Update on Vaccination Program for All VSB Staff - Apr 14, 2021


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