VBE Chair and Minister of Education Meet About Budget

Board & Committees, Media Release

Vancouver - (May 3,2016) – VBE Chair, Mike Lombardi, and Vice-Chair, Janet Fraser, met with Minister of Education, Mike Bernier, this afternoon to discuss VBE’s 2016-17 proposed budget.

“It was a positive meeting,” said VBE Chair, Mike Lombardi. “I’ll report back to my Board and look forward to further discussions with the Minister about next steps.”

The meeting was a chance for VBE Chair and Vice-chair to talk with the Minister about their mutual goals of advancing student learning and how that can be achieved in a Vancouver context.

On April 28, 2016 the Board rejected the 2016-17 VSB senior staff’s proposed budget, which included a number of staff and program cuts to deal with a $24-million shortfall.

In accordance with the School Act school districts must submit a balanced budget before the end of the school year.

VBE has until June 30, 2016 to submit a balanced budget to the Ministry of Education. 


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