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2020/2021 Budget Process

Annual Financial Statements

2018/2019 Audited Financial Statements
2017/2018 Audited Financial Statement
2016/2017 Audited Financial Statement
2015/2016 Audited Financial Statement
2014/2015 Audited Financial Statement

Archived Audited Financial Statements

Financial Statement - Discussion & Analysis

2018/2019 Financial Statement - Discussion & Analysis 

Statement of Financial Information

2018/2019 Statement of Financial Information
2017/2018 Statement of Financial Information 
2016/2017 Statement of Financial Information
2015/2016 Statement of Financial Information
2014/2015 Statement of Financial Information

Archived Statements of Financial Information

Annual Budget

2020/2021 Annual Budget
2019/2020 Amended Annual Budget

2019/2020 Annual Budget
2018/2019 Amended Annual Budget
2018/2019 Annual Budget
2017/2018 Amended Annual Budget
2017/2018 Annual Budget
2016/2017 Amended Annual Budget
2016/2017 Annual Budget
2015/2016 Amended Annual Budget
2015/2016 Annual Budget
2014/2015 Amended Annual Budget
2014/2015 Annual Budget - Detail (Operating Budget Book)
2014/2015 Annual Budget 

Archived Annual Budget

Budget Process

2019/2020 Budget Process
2018/2019 Budget Process
2017/2018 Budget Process
2016/2017 Budget Process
2015/2016 Budget Process
2014/2015 Budget Process

Public Sector Executive Compensation Reports

Public Sector Executive Compensation Report 2018-19
Public Sector Executive Compensation Report 2017-18

Public Sector Executive Compensation Report 2016-17

Public Sector Executive Compensation Report 2015-16

Public Sector Executive Compensation Report 2014-15

Archived Public Sector Executive Compensation Reports 

View all BC public school district executive compensation reports on the PSEC website.

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