District Superintendent

Helen McGregor

As a public educator for more than 28 years, Helen McGregor’s passion has been about making a difference in the lives of students. Her unwavering focus on student success, equity, inclusion and well-being through innovation has led to creative strategies that have increased the engagement of students and teachers in the learning process, positively impacting students.

Serving as a superintendent of education for 11 years with the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN), a district serving more than 39,000 students, Helen has a wealth of educational leadership and experiences in areas related to curriculum and curriculum support services, equity and inclusion, Indigenous education, provincial assessments, information technology, eLearning, alternative education and more.

Helen’s portfolio with DSBN also included Board Improvement Planning for Student Achievement where she led the development and implementation of student and staff growth initiatives. She helped lead the renewal of the Board’s strategic plan and setting direction and vision for supporting student success and well-being for every student.

Helen is an adaptable and compassionate leader who leads positive change through collaboration. Helen’s ability to develop respectful and harmonious working relationships with all stakeholders has been instrumental in building innovative solutions that continue to focus on improving student success and building public confidence.

Helen’s focus on equity and achievement work is grounded by empowering student voice and incorporating student perspectives in decision making.

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