The Vancouver School Board does not have a research department. Educational research is provided by outside research consultants or organizations. Research applications are accepted from teachers, post-graduate students or faculty members. However, any research examining contentious or personal topics, making unreasonable demands on the time of participating schools, or which do not contribute to the improvement of education, cannot be considered.

All research done in the Vancouver School District must be approved by the Research Committee.  This committee meets throughout the year.  Researchers are advised to submit their proposal well in advance of the time period in which they plan to conduct their research.

Researchers must submit their proposal including relevant consent forms, sample survey questions, and the relevant institution's board of ethics approval to plegg@vsb.bc.ca.

Researchers have to approach individual schools directly, and in case of personal information gathering, letters of permission are required from parents/guardians of students.  The anonymity of participants has to be maintained.

VSB has an agreement with the Universities Ethics Committees, which provide interim approval for the research to be undertaken. If a letter of approval is required from VSB, please contact District Learning Services at (604) 713-4594.  

More detailed guidelines or a copy of the agreement for conducting more extensive research is available by opening the pdf file below called "Research Guidelines".

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