Water Testing Results and Protocols

Update:  January 2022

The VSB conducts water testing at all of its school sites every three years.  Testing will be conducted in 2022 and reported on this website, as directed by the Ministry of Education.

Vancouver School Board (VSB) is committed to ensuring a safe supply of water to students and staff.  

The provincial government now requires school districts to complete lead content testing on all school facilities once every three years, so a minimum of one-third of the school facilities in a school district’s inventory must be tested each year.  

VSB has tested all active drinking fountains as per Ministry guidelines and we continue to work closely with Vancouver Coastal Health to ensure best practices.

The certified results are reported in micro-grams per liter (mg/L). The current Canadian guideline for lead in drinking water is a maximum acceptable concentration of 0.005 mg/L (5 parts per billion) in drinking water. Where results were above 0.005 mg/L, those fountains were closed.  

Certified lab data of all VSB’s results for 2019 results is available.

Certified lab data of all VSB’s results for 2017 testing is available.

Certified lab data of all VSB’s 2016 results is available.

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