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JOIN US for Quarter 4- virtual VSB | Celebration of Music festivals! 

Celebrate music with us in the last series of virtual concerts for 2020-21!  

The music events are a wonderful reminder of the connection and joy that arts and culture bring to our lives and community. We hope that you will be able to join us as we celebrate the joy of music on the following nights:

*All events will have a mixture of LIVE and pre-recorded performances.

LIVESTREAMED on the VSB Celebration of Music- YouTube Channel:

Thursday, June 10 @ 6:30pm

Q4 CHOIR | Celebration of Music Festival, June 10, 2021

BAND Night
Tuesday, June 15 @ 7:00pm 

Q4 BAND | Celebration of Music Festival, June 15, 2021

Thursday, June 17 @ 7:00pm

Q4 STRINGS | Celebration of Music Festival, June 17, 2021

We hope that you can join us! 

Tip: If you have a SmartTV you can watch the event on a large tv or any device. Bookmark the links above and join us for an evening of LIVE and pre-recorded performances. 

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