Learning Services

Vancouver School Board Learning Services is responsible for programs and services that support the needs of all learners from early learners through K-12. They also provide support for parents and staff in the school district. 

Learning Services areas 

Support for teachers 

Learning Services contacts 

Learning Services General InquiriesTel: 604-713-5202
Director of Instruction  Mette HamaguchiTel: 604-713-5202
Director of InstructionAdrian KeoughTel: 604-713-5202
District Principal -
Aboriginal Education
Chas DesjarlaisTel: 604-713-5682
District Principal -
Alternate and Alternative Programs  
Doug MatearTel: 604-713-5943 / 604-347-5107
District Vice Principal - 
Alternate and Alternative Programs
Bryce RecskyTel: 778-871-7508
District Principal -
Learning Technologies
Audrey Van AlstyneTel: 604-713-5673
District Principal,
Student Support Services
SEL and Prevention Programs
Selma SmithTel: 604-713-5216
District Principal –
Student Support Services
Liz Hayes-BrownTel: 604-713-5220
District Principal -
Student Support Services
David PlattTel: 604-713-5240
District Principal -
ELL, Student Placement
& Newcomer Services
Bruce GarnettTel: 604-713-5877
Student Support Services 

Garibaldi Annex

Suzette Magri (OSD)Tel: 604-713-5240
TransportationNadia de Santis (OSC)Tel: 604-713-4456
District Athletics CoordinatorHarp SohiTel: 604-713-5207
Career Programs CoordinatorRhonda Stangeland Tel: 604-992-3790
Early Learning
Supervisor, Early LearningColleen DickieTel: 604-713-4471
Arts Education
Arts Education CoordinatorPeggy BochunTel: 604-713-5206
District Literacy & Assessment
Gina WongTel: 604-346-8546
Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Nicole HarrisonTel: 778-928-6563
Reading Recovery Teacher Leader 
(English and French)
Winona Montgomery604-910-5280
 Reading Recovery Trainer       Christine Fraser Tel: 778-241-5123
Modern Languages
Modern Language ConsultantStacey SveistrupTel: 604-317-5768
Social Responsibility
& Diversity
District Principal,
Student Support Services
SEL and Prevention Programs
Selma SmithTel: 604-713-5216
District Resource Teacher - Anti-homophobia and Diversity Renee HockTel: 778-228-1914
District Area Counsellor - Mental HealthPaula ForanTel: 604-716-5934
District Resource Teacher - Diversity Anti-RacismRaman GillTel: 604-314-6730
SACY ManagerArt SteinmannTel: 604-713-5233
SACY - Parent/Family SupportAlexandra WilsonTel: 604-220-4271
District Reception
& Placement Centre 
East Wing Moberly Elementary 
1000 East 59th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5X 1Y7
Tel: 604-713-5999Fax: 604-713-5998
District Psych-Educational  \ SLP Centre
Thunderbird ElementaryLucy Almeida (OSB)
Tel: 604-713-5439 

Fax: 604-713-5561

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