Who is Involved

Learn more about everyone who is taking part in the Education Plan 2026.

+ Advisory Group

  • Warren Williams, CUPE 15
  • Brent Boyd, CUPE 407
  • Gord Lau, DPAC
  • Amanda Hillis, DPAC
  • Tim Chester, IUOE
  • Ericka-Jade Mulherin, PASA
  • Jim de Hoop, PASA
  • Neil Munro, Trades
  • Benita Kwon, VASSA
  • Nicholas Chiu, VEPVPA
  • Joanne Sutherland, VESTA
  • Rob McGowan,VESTA (Adult Ed)
  • Treena Goolieff, VSTA
  • Chas Desjarlais, VSB Indigenous Education

+ Executive Group

  • Helen McGregor, Superintendent
  • Pedro da Silva, Project Lead, Associate Supt, Learning Info Tech
  • David Green, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Rob Schindel, Associate Supt, School Services

+ Steering Group

Christopher Wong
Director of Instruction, Education Services

Chris has worked as an administrator in elementary and secondary schools prior to taking on the role of District Principal. Chris believes in fostering collaborative relationships with stakeholder groups to support student learning and active school-community learning. He has particular interests in how school design and emerging technologies can create opportunities to enhance and support learning environments. At present, Chris is a Director of Instruction with the Vancouver School District.

David Delorme
District Vice-Principal, VSB Indigenous Education Dep


My name is David Jr Delorme, I am a Métis/Cree person who grew up in the treaty 6 territory of Saskatchewan. I was raised in a small town that had a large population of Métis people and grew up between two reserves where many of my relatives lived. I graduated from a high school in North Battleford and completed a degree in Education at the University of Saskatchewan. Currently, I am competing my Master of Education with an Indigenous focus at Queens University. I have held many teaching positions throughout my career across three different provinces and currently I am the Vice Principal of Indigenous Education with the Vancouver School District.

Maarsi (thank-you),

Iqbal Gill
District Principal, VSB Safe & Caring Schools

As a teacher, counsellor and as an Administrator, I have had the pleasure of serving in our elementary and secondary schools, the online school, Vancouver Learning Network, and the Alternative and Alternate Programs. Currently, I serve as the District Principal of Safe and Caring Schools.

Janis Myers
District Principal, SEL, VSB Learning Services

I have worked as an educator for the past 21 years. Ensuring every student feels safe, heard and valued is a collective responsibility that we must endeavour to meet. In my current role as the District Principal of Social Emotional Learning, I have the opportunity to support District wide Mental Health and Well-being initiatives. I believe that schools are a place where every student’s learning and wellbeing must be valued and nurtured.

Nicholas Chiu-Robinson
Principal, Champlain Heights Elementary School

I am grateful that I have been with the VSB community for 30 plus years! I was fortunate to have experienced my K-12 schooling as a VSB Student, attending Kitchener Elementary and Lord Byng Secondary. My teaching and school-based leadership experiences have been with a wide variety of VSB Elementary Schools, and I am currently the Principal at Champlain Heights Elementary.

I continue to ground my professional work around finding ways to amplify and celebrate people’s personal narratives and voices through meaningful representation and compassionate listening. I look forward to aligning my work in schools with the implementation of our Education Plan.

Rick Lopez
Principal, David Thompson Secondary

As the current principal of David Thompson Secondary School, I believe it is our responsibility to create a safe and welcoming environment that is inclusive and equitable for all students.  When students feel safe, secure, and connected they can maximize their potential.  My core values about education have remained constant since starting as a PE Teacher in 2000, that schools much be able to meet the diverse learning needs of all learners while preparing them to be productive, contributing members of their communities.

Rosa Fazio
Principal, Sir Sandford Fleming Elementary

As a school principal, Rosa draws on her thirty-one years of experience in the education sector working in diverse and alternative settings. She attended Vancouver public schools since the age of six, as a newly landed immigrant. As a school principal of twenty-two years, she has the privilege of supporting educators to be the best they can be in making a significant difference to the lives of students. She believes that schools should be beautiful and comfortable learning spaces, with learner well-being, belonging, collaboration and inquiry at the forefront. She views schools through the lens of equity and excellence, with the goal of ensuring that everyone thrives. She loves launching new schools built in a learning community model site design that facilitate the shift from a single cell mindset to a collaborative mindset, transforming the way students and staff experience learning. She loves wandering through the school to witness and participate in the fabulous learning being experienced by staff and students. Always seeking to improve, she values change and the challenge it presents to her professional growth and her ability to inspire and motivate others.

Shannon Burton
Director of Instruction, Education Services

Shannon has 20 years of experience in the education sector, including 10 years in administrative leadership with the Vancouver School Board (VSB). She is passionate about creating inclusive and safe school environments with a focus on student success and well-being. Shannon has educated abroad and worked with diverse populations; these experiences developed her skills for overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of student learning. She is passionate about working with diverse stakeholder groups and bringing them together to create effective school-level student learning plans. Her experience with Enhanced Services schools has furthered her ability to ensure all students are included and represented in these educational success plans. Shannon has had the privilege of representing The Vancouver Elementary Principal and Vice-Principal Association on several VSB Committees such as the Diversity Committee, Catchment Review Committee, and Student Learning and Well Being Committee, which all serve to optimize schools within the VSB.

Tricia Legg
District Principal, VSB Learning Services

As an educator in the Vancouver School District for the past 20 years, Tricia's currently works as a District Vice Principal for Education Services. Supporting students across the district, Tricia chooses to "do what you can, with what you have, where you are"

Vince Edwards
Principal, Tecumseh Elementary

Over my time in education, I have been motivated and humbled by the feeling of shared responsibility in participating and creating schools with a positive, community culture.  It is important for our students and their families to feel welcome and included in lending their voices to help shape their time at school.  Since becoming a teacher in 1998, I have enjoyed a number of different roles, working with many different age groups to my current role as the Principal of Tecumseh Elementary School.  In all of the roles I have been involved in, I have had the pleasure and honour to recognize and participate in the positive impacts that schools have on our youth.

+ Student Advisory Group

  • Lynda Bonvillain, District Vice-Principal
  • Joe Sugarman, VDSC
  • Tommy Chung, VDSC

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