About the Strategic Plan

What is the Strategic Plan?

A Strategic Plan is a high-level framework to help achieve an organization’s overall goals. The plan will have be guided by a vision statement and include clear objectives, priorities, and actions to achieve the vision. Performance targets will also be included to measure progress over time and ensure the plan is successfully implemented.

The VSB2021 Strategic Plan update will focus on the District’s core goals of teaching and learning to support student achievement and well-being. It differs from the Long-Range Facilities Plan, which will be a framework for facilities over the next 15 years. It focuses on delivering safe, seismically- upgraded schools as quickly as possible where they will be most needed for the future.

The new Strategic Plan will take the best of the previous version while making updates to reflect recent trends and new strategies. A broad range of voices and perspectives will help create a plan that reflects the diverse needs of the District.

Why do we need a new plan?

The Vancouver School District is one of the most diverse public school systems in Canada, with 50,387 students including Kindergarten to grade 12 and Adult Education.

In our District, the students, and their learning needs, are as diverse as the rapidly-growing community of Vancouver itself. Changes in technology, community composition, and curriculum are all important factors.  

The updated plan will ensure that high-quality teaching and learning remain at the core of the organization, even as programs evolve to serve this large and diverse district.

The Process

Phase 2 small group discussion guides

Phase 1 Engagement Report which summarizes the input gathered from Phase 1 from the survey, public event and other activities.

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