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February 3, 2021:

District staff, based on data and previous engagement with the public and stakeholder groups and based on enrolment statistics, building conditions and other considerations, drafted the LRFP with 16 recommendations for Board consideration.

  • Several key areas are covered within the LRFP including enrolment forecasts, facility condition, seismic mitigation, the development of a Capital Asset Management Plan, and reduction of capacity.
  • The draft LFRP is intended to guide the prioritization of capital projects to ensure students are in seismically-safe facilities that provide modern learning environments now and in the future.

The draft Long Range Facilities Plan was presented for Board approval on January 25, 2021.

Approved Long Range Facilities Plan - January 25, 2021 - (188 pages, PDF) 


January 22, 2021:

After the January 18, 2021 Facilities Planning Committee meeting, further changes have been made to the 2020 Draft Long Range Facilities Plan, which will be presented at the January 25, 2021 Board meeting.

January 15, 2021:

Please submit any feedback on the 2020 Draft Long Range Facilities Plan  by email to:  lrfpfeedback@vsb.bc.ca.   Any feedback received through this email address will be considered. 

Please note that all written submissions to the Board are considered to be public documents. The Board, therefore, reserves the right to make any submissions available to the public.

A Facilities Planning Committee meeting has also been scheduled for Monday, January 18, 2021 for further discussion on the Long Range Facilities Plan.

As per Policy 8 - Board Committees, delegations may be heard by a Standing Committee at the discretion of the Committee Chair, in consultation with the assigned staff resource person.

Emails Received

December 16, 2020:  

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