David Thompson Secondary

Seismic Program

1755 E 55th Ave Vancouver, BC V5P 1Z7

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To see a detailed timeline of the seismic process, please click here.

Current Status

  • Project Definition Report  (feasibility study)
    • Investigates whether the school building should be strengthened or rebuilt
    • Defines the project scope of work and costing for submission to the Ministry of Education for funding approval
  • the Project Definition Report is underway
  •  A public information session was held on February 28, 2019 from 4:00pm-7:00pm at the David Thompson Secondary School Gymnasium. This provided an opportunity to learn about a proposed land exchange between David Thompson Secondary School and Gordon Park as part of the District's seismic mitigation considerations. 
  • Feedback from this public information session is being collected. The feedback form can be found here.
  • The display boards from the February 28, 2019 public information session can be found here.

Potential Land Exchange with Gordon Park

Background Information

  • It is a top priority of both the Vancouver School District and the Ministry of Education to ensure all students attend seismically safe schools as quickly as possible.
  • The school opened in 1957 and has served Vancouver students and the neighbouring community well through the years. However, the facility is outdated and presents a high seismic risk in the event of an earthquake.
  • As part of the province’s seismic mitigation program, the Ministry has asked the Vancouver School District to begin a Feasibility Study for David Thompson Secondary.
  • As part of the Feasibility Study, the District and the Vancouver Park Board are considering exchanging land between David Thompson and Gordon Park.
  • The following options are being considered as part of the Feasibility Study:

1. Upgrade the existing school within the same building structure
2. Replace portions of the school on the existing site
3. Replace the school on the existing site
4. Exchange of equal parcels of land between David Thompson and Gordon Park to build 
replacement school on the existing Gordon Park site.

  • Options 1 to 3 will require students and staff to relocate to temporary accommodations until the project is completed. Option 4 does not require relocation.
  • To continue the Feasibility Study on Option 4, we are seeking input from the school community to learn if a land exchange option should be explored. If a land exchange occurs, the new park will be delivered through a Park Board led design and engagement process.

Next Steps (regarding the potential land exchange):

  • The District will review feedback from the school community and park users to help inform the decision regarding the proposed land exchange of David Thompson Secondary and Gordon Park.
  • A summary of the feedback will be shared with the District’s Board of Education and Park Board.
  • Once the feasibility study is complete, the Ministry and the District will jointly decide which seismic mitigation option would best serve the needs of David Thompson students and staff.

Next Steps

  • Approval of the Project Definition Report (PDR) recommendation by the Vancouver Project Office (VPO) Steering Committee
    • The VPO Steering Committee is a joint committee of the Ministry of Education and the Vancouver School Board
  • Signing of a Project Agreement between the Ministry of Education and the Vancouver School Board

Temporary Accommodation

  • To be determined

Contact Information

  • Parents and staff may direct questions to their principal
    • The principal is a member of the seismic Project Team
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