Lloyd George Elementary

8370 Cartier St. Vancouver, BC V6P 4T8

Google Map of Lloyd George Elementary

To see a detailed timeline of the seismic process, please click here.

Current Status

  • The design phase of the project is underway.  It consists of two stages:
    • preliminary design work takes into consideration the site characteristics, educational objectives, and project budget.
    • working drawings are then prepared to secure a City of Vancouver building permit and as part of the tender package.
  • A public information session was held on Thursday March 14, 2019 from 2:00pm to 6:00pm in the David Lloyd George Gymnasium. 
  • Background information on this project can be found on this fact sheet.
  • Additional information from the public information session can be found on the display boards.
  • Feedback was collected from March 14th to March 28, 2019.

Next Steps

  • Once the City of Vancouver building permit is obtained, the project will be publicly tendered
  • Once the tender is awarded to the successful bidder, construction will begin

Temporary Accommodation

  • Students and staff will remain in the existing building until the new building is completed.

Contact Information

  • Parents and staff may direct questions to their principal
    • The principal is a member of the seismic Project Team
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