The VSB Bicycle Advisory Committee meets monthly to discuss transportation related matters within the district. Partner organizations organize professional development opportunities in the areas of cycling skills and safety and walking to school.

In 2010 the district partnered with the City of Vancouver to provide 50 bike racks to VSB schools. All of those racks are now installed and securing bikes!

Fleet and Equipment

FleetThe VSB has three fully electric vehicles that were purchased to replace larger, less fuel-efficient vehicles. These vehicles are currently in use at the VSB Workshop, where an electric vehicle charging station has also been installed. Three hybrid vehicles are used by our Grounds and Nursery department with the majority of our trucks using bio-diesel fuel that we purchase from the City of Vancouver. On the equipment side the VSB operates an electric forklift and Zamboni.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charging StationThe VSB has participated in a number of activities that reduce Green House Gas emissions in the community. With partnering grant funding, electric vehicles charging stations have been installed at four schools. All new schools will be developed to include electric vehicle charging capabilities.

Car- Sharing Program

ModoA car-sharing for business travel program was launched at the Education Centre in May of 2012 to promote sustainable transportation in the school district. The VSB has partnered with Modo the Car Co-op to provide energy-efficient hybrid and electric vehicles for VSB staff to use for their business travel needs. Due to the fuel-efficient hybrid and electric technology of the vehicles, this program helps reduce transportation related emissions from business travel. In addition, it provides the impetus for employees to leave their personal vehicles at home and use more sustainable travel options to get to work. Education Centre employees interested in the program can find out more by emailing sustainability@vsb.bc.ca.

Transportation and cycling related links

Haste has a great online tool to calculate how much carbon your trip to school creates and provides ideas on how you can reduce your impact

HUB Cycling (formerly Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition) has programs on cycling skills and safety and runs the Bike to School and Bike to Work programs

PEDAL has school based cycling programs

Travelsmart is Translinks program that provides tips and resources for staff and students

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