Churchill Secondary students mark Asian Heritage Month with historical displays and a student survey

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A passionate group of students at Churchill Secondary created an Asian Heritage Month display to promote diversity and anti-Asian racism throughout the school. Assisted by teachers from Churchill and Point Grey Secondary, part of the display shows a historical timeline rich in information about Asian culture.

The timeline dates back to the late 1800s and stretches across lockers in the main hallway at Churchill, marking several memorable events in Asian Canadian history to present day (May 2021).  

In addition to the historical timeline, the display provides facts and biographies on noteworthy Canadians of Asian origin, such as environmentalist icon David Suzuki, Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Olympic gold medalist Carol Huynh.

Other students at Churchill formed the The Global Awakening Project to promote Asian Heritage Month by collecting student stories through an online survey to showcase the diversity of Churchill’s Asian population.

The Global Awakening Project is full of knowledgeable advocates that strive to inform and engage with communities on global issues such as anti-Asian racism.

The Global Awakening Project’s Instagram account shares several educational posts that are dedicated to Asian musical artists, public figures, famous TV shows and films. The Instagram account also shares snapshots of personal stories from students at Churchill of Asian descent talking about their culture and family origin. 

How are you celebrating Asian Heritage Month? Stay tuned for more stories from schools in the Vancouver School District!

Learn more about the District’s commitment to anti-Asian racism: 

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