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Students’ hopes and dreams help shape Education Plan 2026

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Education Plan 2026 will be a roadmap to improve outcomes for students enrolled in the Vancouver School District. Student voice, therefore, is crucial in developing this strategic plan. 

To ensure student voice is centered throughout the plan’s development, a series of engagement sessions were held in more than 40 schools with approximately 900 students as part of the first phase of engagement. 

“These sessions are an opportunity to visit with and listen to students about what matters most to them,” says Pedro da Silva, associate superintendent. “Students shared their voice by participating in an interactive learning session. Their feedback will help inform and guide our decision-making process including the plans goals and objectives.” 

The student engagement sessions were attended by District staff and several trustees throughout the spring and early fall. At the sessions, students learned about the school trustee role and their connection to the education plan. Each student engagement session included nine activities to guide students to share their voice. For example, District staff and trustees asked students, "How could adults help you learn better?" 

Students are also participating in the second round of engagement that includes a series of moderated focus groups to develop a deeper understanding of perspectives about how well Vancouver schools are preparing students for the future. In addition to the student focus groups, students’ families, staff and representatives of the District’s formal stakeholder groups will also participate in focus groups throughout late October and November. 

As a large and diverse school district, it is important to reflect on the current and changing landscape of Vancouver and its students, and, to develop a strong plan that will ensure strategic navigation of the changing world and opportunities ahead. Work to further develop the Education Plan 2026 will continue throughout the next several months, with an anticipated adoption by the Board in March 2022. 

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