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Honouring Administrators in scholarships

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vsb, scholarships

Administrators and management staff have a vital role in ensuring students' success by providing innovative, caring and responsive learning environments. In celebration of the commitment and impact these staff have on students, the Administrators Recognition Scholarship was created. This joined the Teacher Recognition scholarship, launched in October, and the Support Staff Recognition scholarship in November last year.

Eligibility for the scholarship require students to demonstrate strong school service, involvement and leadership, a good academic record, a strong work ethic and perseverance, as well as participation in athletics and/or school clubs.

Scholarship recipient Windermere Secondary student Ember Dickson wrote about her Beaconsfield Elementary principal Ms. Neibel, who was able to present Dickson with the award. "The surprise of being presented the Administrators Recognition Scholarship by Ms. Neibel nearly brought me to tears. I am so grateful I got the opportunity to thank her for the huge impact she made in my life. I am honoured to receive this scholarship," she says.

Eric Hamber Secondary principal Marea Jensen was the focus of student Ava Weinstein-Wright's submission. Also recipient of the Administrators Recognition scholarship, Weinstein-Wright says "It felt effortless to write about someone who is as inspiring and supportive as Ms. Jensen is to our school community. The administrators of schools are the ones that maintain a steady environment for everyone attending and it was my pleasure to describe her positive actions."

The scholarship will be awarded every school year in honour of all administrators across the District.

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