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Shaughnessy celebrates National Aboriginal Veterans Day

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Each year, schools throughout the District take time to acknowledge Remembrance Day. On November 4, Carla Pace and her Grade 5/6 class from Shaughnessy Elementary visited City Hall to install a Remembrance Day poppy display on the grounds. This has been an annual activity for Mrs. Pace's class since 2015.

New this year, the display features red feathers to commemorate Indigenous veterans and acknowledge National Aboriginal Veterans Day held on November 8. In total, the display has 2,500 poppies and over 400 red feathers.

"This is the first year we have added the red feathers to this display. Our class has been learning a lot about Reconciliation, and we wanted to come up with an impactful symbol that recognizes such a strong group of people," says Carla Pace.

The poppies and feathers are all handmade by the students, using recyclable materials such as pop bottles and pieces of cloth. It took about four days to make all 400 feathers. The poppies are reused from previous years, but this year each student made about 30 poppies to add to the display.

"The feathers represent our Indigenous veterans and the poppies are for Remembrance Day. I had a lot of fun making them," says Grade 5 student Sienna..

The poppies and feathers will be on display at City Hall until November 12.

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