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Ocean Wise Education Announces Free Bus Program

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Ocean Wise officially announced today that they will be launching a free bus program to transport students to and from the Vancouver Aquarium. This new program aims to eliminate transportation barriers and make ocean literacy more accessible to all schools.

"We are putting this program in place because we know that transportation poses the biggest barrier to accessing these kinds of experiences," said James Bartram, vice president of Ocean Wise, education & youth. "It is our job to try and mitigate and reduce those barriers. It is important to us that all students can have access to the wonders of the ocean," adds Bartram.

The Aqua Bus will be operating on Monday to Friday, from October to April and any teacher can apply online and seek an opportunity for their class to ride the bus for free. In fact, the bus brought in Jennifer McDonald's Grade 5/6 class from L'école Laura Secord Elementary to explore the wet labs at the Aquarium today.

"We are so grateful to be able to come to the Aquarium without having to fuss with figuring out transportation arrangements," said McDonald. "Building that bridge from our classroom to your classroom is such an amazing privilege for all of us and we are so thankful to be here today to celebrate."

If you are a teacher and are considering a field trip with your class to the Vancouver Aquarium, apply for a free bus with Ocean Wise! For more information on booking the Aqua Bus, visit the Ocean Wise Bus Application page.

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