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Celebrating Public Education through the Advocacy Committee

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VSB, Public, Education, Advocacy

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VSB, Public, Education, Advocacy

Education is a fundamental human right and a strong public education system is critical to preserving ideals of a democratic society.

The Vancouver School District believes in having a collective responsibility to uphold the mandate of public education and to ensure that it is strong and viable. As part of this work, the Board established an Advocacy Committee. The committee provides advice and guidance to the Board to ensure stability and innovation in the Vancouver public education system.

"It is through advocacy and demonstrated success that we can preserve and improve our public-school education system, and ensure all individuals have access to its recourses and opportunities." – Collective voices of the Vancouver Board of Education.

The Board of Trustees is often the face of Public Education. However, it is important to realize there are so many others who are part of the system that play a crucial role in ensuring public education adapts and thrives.

As we head into the new 2019-2020 school year, you will see a weekly series of guest writers from the Advocacy Committee who will share their stories about how they contribute to #OurVSB and why public education is important to them.

Guest writers will include stakeholder representatives from:

  • The Vancouver Elementary School Teachers' Association
  • The Vancouver Secondary Teachers' Association
  • Vancouver Elementary Principals' and Vice Principals' Association
  • Vancouver Association of Secondary School Administrators (mae up of secondary principals and vice-principals)
  • Professional and Administrative Staff Association
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 401(made up on ground and maintenance staff)
  • International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 963 (made up of cafeteria staff and building engineers)
  • Canada Union of Public Employees, Local 15 (made up of support staff)
  • Vancouver District Student Council (made up of high school students)
  • The Board of Trustees
  • Senior Management (made up of the Superintendent, Secretary Treasurer and Deputy or Associate Superintendents)

Follow our weekly blog series and share your thoughts about #OurVSB. Tag us on twitter or Instagram @VSB39 or FaceBook @VancouverSchoolBoard and we'll post it.

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