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Statement: Code of Conduct breach at Eric Hamber Secondary School

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A serious breach of Eric Hamber Secondary School's Code of Conduct was brought to the attention of school administrators on Tuesday, March 5, 2019. A list of members of the school community, containing inappropriate content, was circulated.

Student well-being is the top priority at Eric Hamber Secondary and throughout the Vancouver School District. The school principal has provided a letter to parents indicating that every step is being taken to address the matter. Further investigation continues and parents have been asked to contact the school if their child has any additional information that would be helpful in that regard.

School and District staff fully appreciate students may experience a wide range of emotions and reactions to this type of incident. Parents are encouraged to contact the school if they are concerned about their child, to discuss how best to provide support to that student. School staff will directly follow up with impacted members of the school community so collectively students, their families and staff can move forward in a positive way.

Staff at the school and throughout the District value and celebrate diversity by supporting the well-being of every individual, creating a sense of belonging. We are committed to a safe, inclusive, equitable and welcoming learning and working environment for all members of school communities.

As the matter is further assessed, appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken in addition to ensuring students and staff receive the supports they need.

Disciplinary actions are guided by a District administrative procedure (AP350) which provides information about the District's Code of Conduct as well details about disciplinary and restorative measures.

Letter to the Eric Hamber Secondary school community (PDF).

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