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Inspired and ready to change the world: 2021 Teachers Recognition Scholarship recipients

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The District created the Teachers Recognition Scholarship to acknowledge the positive impact that teachers have on the lives of their students each and every single day. To meet the criteria for this scholarship, a student must demonstrate frequent participation in their school community and reflect the ideals of their school’s character. This year’s recipients are students from Gladstone Secondary and Tupper Secondary schools.

At Gladstone Secondary, Abbey Perley found stability in her transition to high school from her English teacher, Shirley Burdon. Writing stories since she was five years old, Perley always hid her writing from the world due to fear of judgement. However, with Burdon’s kind words and encouragement for improvement, Perley realized her potential to become a more confident writer. “I was honoured to receive this scholarship because writing about my English teacher was something that came from the heart for me,” says Perley. She is now working on writing a novel and plans to bring her love of words to life in the Interactive Arts and Technology program at Simon Fraser University this fall.

Rasheed Gonzales, a student from Tupper Secondary, wrote about his social studies teacher, Colin McLean, for his scholarship submission. Gonzales shares McLean embodies all the aspects of a great writer including brevity, imagery, simplicity, and flair, which inspired him to improve his own writing. McLean had a significant impact on Gonzales’ educational journey throughout high school. Through this, Gonzales feels he has built the essential resources to steer his course for the future. “What I’ve learned throughout this process is that with the power of words and pages we can change the world,” Gonzales explains. With several goals in his back pocket, Gonzales plans to eventually pursue law studies at post-secondary level.

Perley and Gonzales both received scholarships of $2,500 each to help them continue their education journeys.

Learn more about the Teacher Recognition scholarship in acknowledgement of teachers’ dedication, passion and commitment to the profession.

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