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Windermere Secondary students host annual climate change conference

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Written by Sara Rocchetta and Helen Hu, Windermere Leadership Program students

On November 9, 2018, a class of 19 passionate high school students from the Windermere Leadership Program showcased their hard work with the 10th Annual Climate Change Conference (C3). This year's conference brought more than 150 like-minded students from across the Lower Mainland together to participate in the annual event.

This year's theme was: The World is in Your Hands; and it promoted the concept that it is up to youth to help make a difference in the world.

With it being the 10th year of the conference, the students wanted a new take. The main focus was therefore on having fun, engagement and interactive workshops. Students learned about how issues of access, power and privilege are intertwined with climate issues, through insightful sessions. Some of the topics included social justice, imagining the future we want, climate action and water literacy. There were also more hands-on workshops, including making candles and jam.

Keynote speakers shared the importance of the young generation standing up for what they believe in; and touched on various current issues such as the Kinder Morgan Pipeline, Site C dam, and Indigenous rights. These are issues which youth have the right to be educated on because they – we - are the future.

The conference demonstrated the incredible determination and commitment of the grade 11 students who planned and hosted the hugely successful event.

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