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Board of Education elects Chair and Vice-Chair

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vsb, trustees

At its Inaugural Board Meeting held November 5, 2018 the Vancouver School Board of Education elected Trustee Janet Fraser as Chair of the Board and Trustee Allan Wong as Vice-Chair.

Chair Fraser and Vice-Chair Wong will serve in those capacities for the 2018-2019 school year.

As Board Chair, Fraser's primary responsibility is to safeguard the integrity of the Board's processes and represent the Board to the broader community. Among her duties, she will ensure that the Board engages in regular assessments of its effectiveness and relay directly to the Superintendent any concerns or questions as communicated to the Chair by trustees, parents, students or employees, which may significantly affect the administration of the District.

As Vice-Chair of the Board, Wong will act on behalf of the Board Chair in the Chair's absence; and shall have all the duties and responsibilities of the Board Chair. Wong will also assist the Board Chair in ensuring that the Board operates in accordance with its own policies and procedures and in providing leadership and guidance to the Board.

In addition to electing Chair and Vice-Chair, nine elected trustees were sworn in at the inaugural meeting. As Board, the nine trustees serve learners, their families and the public education system for a four-year term. Trustees ensure schools provide students with opportunities for quality education. They set education policies that reflect the aspirations of the community and that are consistent with overall provincial guidelines.

Together with a full audience in attendance, the Board and District staff were honoured with a traditional Indigenous welcome by Jim Kew of the Musqueam Nation. Following the welcome, students from Xpey' Elementary and John Oliver Secondary schools, together with school administrators, performed the Coast Salish Anthem.

The first regular meeting of the Board of Education will take place November 26, 2018 at the Education Centre.

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