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Blog: Trustees role in public education

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VSB, Board, of, Trustees, Blog, Public, Education

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VSB, Board, of, Trustees, Blog, Public, Education

By: Trustee Allan Wong

As part of the Advocacy Committee blog series, our first blog is from guest writer Trustee Allan Wong, Board Vice-Chair and Advocacy Committee Chair. He shares his views on how Trustees contribute to building #OurVSB, a strong and thriving public education system.

The Board of Trustees sole focus is on the safety and success of its approximately 50,000 students. Our role is to improve the educational experience from kindergarten to grade 12 (and Adult Education) in our internationally renowned Vancouver public schools.

In the beginning of each school year, the Board discusses goals for the year. We work within the School Act, Board policies, strategic plan, Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP), Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement (AEEA) and Board adopted motions.When planning. Trustees keeps in mind important dates coming up in the school year such as:

  • September – Successful start of the students and '1701' enrollment count (annual enrolment funding submission to the Ministry of Education)
  • December Review standing committee and liaison roles.

Trustees are elected as both governors and advocates of Vancouver's public education system. The Board, as co-governance, maintains lines of communications open with the Ministry of Education. A crucial democratic aspect of that is the Board's deep regard for engagement and consultation with our community. We often advocate in parallel with our stakeholder groups because we seek the same outcomes.

Although Trustees speak as a singular voice as a Board, individual Trustees carries a variety of appointed representational duties. We are members of standing committees, advisory committees, audit committee, City of Vancouver advisory committees, etc.

The Board is proud of our programs that makes student growth, happiness and success a reality. Our diversity is our strength. We ensure schools provide students with opportunities for quality education. We set education policies that reflect the aspirations of the community and are consistent with overall provincial guidelines.

Each Trustee is a liaison to a neighbourhood school, we encourage you to talk to your designated liaison trustee to learn more about our focus on student successes.

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