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Introducing the Seismically Renovated: Jamieson Elementary

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Seismic, Jamieson, Elementary

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Seismic, Jamieson, Elementary

After spending approximately a year in South Hill, a temporary school, Jamieson Elementary students and staff moved back to their newly seismically upgraded space this week.

In 2012, the Ministry of Education approved $13.1 million to complete the seismic work needed for Jamieson Elementary. The school now features several enhancements including a new breakout rooms, a newer and larger open concept library, new water bottle filling stations and a renovated multipurpose room with acoustic panels.

Staff and parents eagerly welcomed the renovations and the new learning environment. On November 13, 2018, the first day back in the school, the entire school community began the day with a school-wide assembly, followed by tours for students, and after-hour tours for parents.

"The updated school is now brighter, feel more spacious and more modern," says Christopher Wong, Principal of Jamieson Elementary. "Students are very excited to be back in our renovated building and have gasped and wondered at the space." Wong also adds "even Jamieson alumni, who are familiar with the original building, have been amazed by the renovations."

The seismic work completed at Jamieson Elementary is part of The Provincial Seismic Mitigation Program, a comprehensive seismic upgrading program to make schools safer in the event of an earthquake. Learn more about the District's efforts on seismic projects.

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