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Climate Change Artist Partners with King George Secondary Students

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On October 24, students from King George Secondary's Earth Club voiced their concerns on the climate crisis through a poetry reading at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. The poetry was inspired by an art piece called 'On Thin Ice'— a sculpture created by international artist, K.A. Colorado. The artist donated the sculpture to the school and invited the Earth Club students to write their thoughts on climate change and embed them onto the sculpture.

"The sculpture reflects the beauty of the ice and references the importance and potential loss of this vital earth resource, while giving voice to the Earth Club students' concern and commitment about climate change,"said artist K.A. Colorado.

Approximately 4 by 7 feet, the sculpture took about six weeks to complete and involved many lessons on climate change and poetry writing with the artist. "The students were responsible for sanding and stencilling their poetry onto tissue paper and then laminating it onto the art piece," said Anne Mackie, Science Teacher at King George Secondary.

The final results of the art piece show ice melting into puddles with the poetry from the students flowing into the water. Below is some poetry that you'll find on the art piece from the Earth Club students:

"Smoke billows in the air

Slivers appear, then a piece

High tide, rising up

Dirt blinds the eyes

Of those who are left"

By: Kaitlin, Earth Club Member

"Heat creating

Oil pumping

Ice caps melting


We can't breathe"

By: Mavis, Earth Club Member

"Fossil fuels, gas, oil

emissions, waste, pollution

Risks for what reward"

By: Loni, Earth Club Member

The sculpture has been installed as a permanent exhibition at King George Secondary. To learn more about the climate change initiatives from the King George Earth Club, check out their website or their Instagram page.

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