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Student safety: Preparing for emergencies

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Annually on October 17, millions of people worldwide take part in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills; including many students and staff in Vancouver School District schools. Safety is one of the top priorities of the District, which includes emergency preparedness.

At L'Ecole Bilingue Elementary, one school that participated in the practice this year, the drill included playing an earthquake sound effect, adopting Drop, Cover, Hold On until the shaking/sound effect ends and remaining under cover for 60 seconds after the mock shaking stops.

School principal, Natalie Morrisette, understands the importance of taking part in such drills. "With Vancouver considered an at-risk area for earthquakes, it is important our students become familiar with earthquake procedures," Morrissette says.

Many VSB schools also take part in the Big One @ 2 Evacuation Drill in May each year.

More information on the Great ShakeOut Drill, can be found on their website at: or read the Earthquake Actions for K-12 Staff and Students factsheet.

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