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“The Big One @ 2” Earthquake Drill

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On Friday, May 2nd, students and staff at False Creek Elementary took part in an earthquake drill that runs District-wide for all Vancouver schools. To create the most realistic scenario possible, parents' involvement was a vital component in preparing for the post-disaster parent-child reunification process. The drills help staff, parents, volunteers and students understand how the process works and how to make the emergency reunification more efficient.

2PM: rumbling sounds simulating an earthquake plays out over the PA System
Students Drop, Cover, and Hold On underneath their desk until the shaking stops and wait for 60 more seconds to ensure falling debris has settled.
Teachers pick up their Earthquake Kit and lead the children to the designated safe area, which is usually an open school playfield
The School Emergency Response Team (SERT) is comprised of trained staff volunteers who can conduct light search and rescues, help set-up and organize the support the First Aid Station. Each Bin corresponds to a station
Check In Gate/Station:
An area where parents wait to get their IDs checked and staff confirm that the person picking up a student i is listed with the school as an emergency contact of the student. Once checked in, parents are given a customized ticket that allows parents to pick up their children.
Student Release Gate/Station:
Where parents provide other school staff with an important ticket that contains the information needed to pick up child. With those tickets, runners go and find children and reunite them with their parents.
Parents are happily reunited with their child/children
The school's Command Post Station:
Where the Principal coordinates all emergency and recovery activities.
Volunteer Management Station:
Where parents or others can volunteer to help out the school staff.
First Aid Station:
Where any injured students or staff are treated by trained First Aid Attendants.
Logistics and Operations Station:
Where important information, supplies and materials are gathered and disseminated as needed.
Student Supervision Station:
Where staff keep a watchful eye on the student assembly and reunification processes.
Finally staff discuss how the process went and how it can be improved for next year or in the event of an actual earthquake.
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